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  • Bubble hotels, unconventional accommodation

    The culture of travel has developed a lot over the years and the alternatives for enjoying a journey are endless. In this blog article we will talk about an unconventional trend that has appeared in the accommodation sector and which is called 'hotel bubble'. It is a complex of bubble-shaped rooms. They allow the guest to sleep (or even bath) under the stars, although with privacy and at an air-conditioned temperature, whatever the season. These environments are also fully equipped with all kinds of amenities. The priority, in short, is to live the experience. Its approach is based on standing out from the competition and is a groundbreaking idea that has managed to become a business outlet.

  • Hotels in the post-Covid stage

    The articles related to the consequences suffered by the hotel sector, following the arrival of the pandemic, are numerous. The question of what will happen in the future is also one of the unknowns addressed. We will now talk about hotels in the so-called post-Covid stage, a context in which we speak of survival, of the before and after in which hotel equipment has had to adapt (and reinvent itself in the field of security) in order to continue its activity.