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  • The reopening of the hotels and the return to the ‘new normality’

    During confinement we have had to stop. The pause has forced us to think, there have been rethinking of business projects. Large companies, which have never experienced a break, have had to reformulate; throw closure; think about the essentials and bet, once and for all, on technology. Telecommuting is here to stay, and computers and telephones have once again shown that they are essential, because they shorten distances. Tourism is one of the fields that has been mostaffected by the ravages of the pandemic. Now, leaving behind the de-escalation, we attend to the reopening of the hotels and the return to the so-called ‘new normality’. The question is, however, if the hotels will be the same again or will be strengthened: many have implemented their services to stay in the limelight and others are waiting for a situation of great uncertainty.